Snapshots of the U.S. Geological Survey Regional Geologist's Office Christmas Party

Menlo Park, California

December 18, 1998

Photos from Karen Morgenstern

The Regional Geologist's Office celebrated holiday good cheer and fellowship at the home of our hostess and host, Karen Morgenstern and Tom Moore. The evening culminated with a "White Elephant Gift" exchange that included key items such as reindeer antlers, a Yomega yo-yo, ho-ho-ho TP, and vintage freeze-dried applesauce. Now, guess who got what...

Robert Oscarson's wife, Sherry, assures him that No, the gingerbread house was not on the evening's edibles list (Tom and Karen's son, Nicholas, already tried it!)

Karen Morgenstern and Cynthia Ramseyer with matching reindeer antlers. They're working on the red noses for next year

Lu Johnson, Venilda Castro, and Mike Diggles prepare for the White Elephant Gift event

Lu Johnson got a really big mug, while Ana's not sure about her football-shaped pasta. Venilda and Mike look on with anticipation

Associate Western Regional Geologist, Carl Mortensen, is delighted with his VINTAGE freeze-dried applesauce (yeah, right). Samples will be provided at the next RGO staff meeting

Tina Casias, with friend Jim looking on, was enchanted with the potential of this White Elephant Gift...

Notice how the flowery note-card White Elephant Gift matches Leslie Gordon's vest and earrings. Pat Muffler can't believe Leslie's good fortune

Leslie Gordon and Pat Muffler (Mrs.) watch Anne E. Gartner discover her...

What?-- no, not really...

... a RED elephant?

(L-R) Lu Johnson, Ana Barrales-Santillo, Frank Santillo, Venilda Castro, and Leslie Gordon prepare to get silly

OWRG Facilities Specialist, Kathleen Braunstein, isn't sure her computer can accommodate drafting pens that use INK

When all else fails, Robert Oscarson knows a church key can cure what ails an SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope for those of you not into TLAs [Three Letter Acronyms])

Lynne Mortensen seriously ponders which White Elephant Gift she wants to take... and decides to take Patrick's

Lynne is delighted with her acquisition. Every home needs a carved Christmas tree featuring a Santa face. Looking on are Bonnie Murchey, Robert & Sherry Oscarson, and Jeffrey & Anne Gartner

Western Regional Geologist, Patrick Muffler, having unloaded the Santa-face Christmas tree, has big plans for the ho-ho-ho TP-- but he won't tell (beware... there's always next years White Elephant Gift exchange)


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