Pix from Yosemite

Here are shots from the Yosemite Association meeting, September 9-10, 2000, with Anna and Stephane.

Anna and Stephane
Big Trees
Ranger Laura Avedisian lecturing about conifer cones
Anna and Stephane at the California Tunnel Tree
Stephane at Washburn Point on the rock to the left
Anna with binocular
Anna and Stephane with binoculars
Anna and Stephane at Wawona Tunnel overlook
Anna and Stephane coming out the vent hole from within the Wawona Tunnel
Bridalvale Falls
Anna and Stephane on the Valley shuttle bus
Royal Arches
Mike, Anna, and Stephane at the Vernal Falls bridge
Anna and Stephane nearing the steep part of the Mist Trail
Anna and Stephane with Vernal Falls in the background
Rainbow in the mist from the Mist Trail
Emerald Pool above the top of Vernal Falls
Swimsuit time
Rill wash, fun to slide down
Water in Emerald Pool
Anna and Stephane snuggling at the lip of Vernal Falls
Anna and Stephane holding hands whilst hiking back down the trail
El Capitan at sunset
Climbers on El Cap making camp for the night
Anna and Stephane watching climbers from El Cap Meadow

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