1998 Kaiser Wilderness Trip - A Report and Photo Album

Photos by Mike Diggles
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Group shot for 1998
Mike, Martha (with Sienna), Chris, Carol, Katherine (with Heidi), Ansel, Rick, Robyn, and Wayne

If you count the dogs, eleven of us headed farther south than Boot 'n Blister has gone this decade and hiked into the Kaiser Wilderness out of Huntington Lake.

Katherine with her dog, Heidi Martha with her dog, Sienna

It was quite nippy out Friday night as we gathered at Badger Flat campground. It was actually warmer the next night in the backcountry.

Mike always provides Katherine with a good "lounge chair" Huntington Lake from the trial up Potter Pass

The trail started out, as many Sierran trails do, ...uphill. We climbed over Potter Pass which gave us a nice view looking back over Huntington Lake and the Central Valley.

Wayne, Robyn, and Katherine Ansel looking east into the high country

From the pass, we had a grand view to the east of Mt. Ritter, Banner Peak, and Mt. Lyell. Around to the north, the Clark Range would have made a good destination if we had an extra week.

Chris at Potter Pass Wayne and Robyn

Plans for 1999

For 1999, we should head back to the Klamath Mountains, don't you think? We haven't been there in three years. The spot that seemed to have the best combination of ease of access, good looking country, and being sort of new to us is Granite Lake up Swift Creek out of Trinity Center. We also thought that, although Columbus Day weekend is nice for those folks who get the day off Monday, and it is sort of a "tradition," the days are a bit short and the nights a bit cold. So we decided to move the trip up a little bit to the third weekend after Labor Day which is a few days past Equinox. This will give us a full 12 hours of daylight. The dates are September 24 through 26, 1999. I'll try to get my yearly flyer out a bit earlier next year (which should be easy as I was so late this year). See you there.

Katherine and Ansel playing Tic Tac Toe on the Pass Martha watching the game
Rick Chris
Rick at Lower Twin Lake Upper Twin Lake, where we camped
Heidi keeping warm Katherine and Ansel found pieces of frozen lake
Ansel and Rick's camp was on this ledge Paleozoic marble; Wayne and Carol for scale
Sunday's day hike to George Lake Glacial polish, Heidi for scale
Snack time for the gang Some of us took a "short cut" back to camp; Wayne and Robyn beat us by taking the trail
Katherine on the north side of Upper Twin Lake How's this for a good "The End" shot?

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