Trip Report

photo, dad, six-year-old daughter on his sholders
A nice easy hike (for one of them)

We had about a dozen people involved in this trip in one way or another, including pre-hike gathering and post-hike dinner. Five of us actually hiked and all had a good weekend. We began by driving to Markleeville and joining Paula and Jim at Grover Hot Springs State Park on Friday evening. We camped at the campground there and drove to the trailhead the next morning. Jim pointed out that there are two trails into Noble Lake from the south and if you work it right, you see more country and gain less elevation. We parked one car just above Silver Creek Campground and the other at Ebbetts Pass. We took the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) down into the canyon from the pass with the trail sidesloping down and to the south into upper Noble Creek. After a nice creek crossing, it was a short climb to Noble Lake, a smaller lake to the east, and a campsite up the hill away from the cowpies. Roger had to get home a day early so he went back out the same day via the second trail so he got to make the loop also. He had just a daypack so he moved quickly. Jeanine, being some forty years younger, moved more slowly. Sandra peeled off and got to the lake with her pack plenty early while Rick and I played with Jeanine in the creek where I used up half a roll of film on this little rock climber. Sunday morning, Sandra and I went on up to the summit of Tryon Peak, collected our packs back at camp, and barely caught up with Rick and Jeanine before they got to the car. Back in Markleeville, we had about a dozen of us at dinner at Villa Gigli.

Here are a couple of maps and a few photos.

map, Tahoe to north, Yosemite to south
overview map

topo map, five miles north to south
detailed map

photo, base camp, cars and pack
Base camp at Grover Hot Springs State Park

photo, kid in sleeping bag
Jeanine was the last one awake

photo, kid out of bag
She finally got up

photo, group shot of four adults and one child in front of a Toyota four-runner
Group photo, taken by a USFS Ranger: Roger, Mike, Jeanine, Rick, and Sandra

photo, Wilderness sign
Carson-Iceberg Wilderness boundary

photo, hiker on hill crest walking toward camera
Sandra crossing the Sierra crest from west to east, south of Ebbitts Pass on the PCT

photo, dad and daughter
Rick and Jeanine

photo, Rick and Jeanine
Rick and Jeanine

photo, Rick and Jeanine
Rick and Jeanine

photo, kid and little pack
Jeanine liked here big (and light) pack

photo, Silver Peak in middle distance
Silver Peak

photo, kid climbing
Series of Jeanine becoming a rock climber

photo, kid climbing on boulders in creekbed

photo, kid climbing

photo, kid climbing

photo, kid climbing

photo, kid climbing

photo, dad with large pack adding daughter on his shoulders
Mounting up for a shoulder ride

photo, low rise and skyline
Bull Canyon is on the other side of that saddle

photo, hillside

photo, Highland Peak and distant camp site
Our camp is up the hill from that little lake under Highland Peak

photo, valley in distance
Highland Lakes are in the valley south of ours; this shot is from the saddle behind Noble Lake

photo, Wellington Hills
Looking through the saddle to the east, past Bull Canyon, into Nevada and Wellington Hills

photo, hiker near summit
Sandra nears the summit of Tryon Peak

photo, close-up of dried flowers

photo, summit shot
Sandra and Mike on the summit of Tryon Peak (self-timer shot)

photo, cliffs through fall-color trees
Volcanic rocks called Lahars

Next year, Columbus Day, 2001, we are planning to go back to the Klamath Mountains and hike up Stuart Fork of the Trinity River to Sapphire and Emerald Lakes. The hike is a bit long but it isn't going to get any shorter and those are wonderful lakes at the top of the canyon. I think it's about 12 miles one way. The roadhead is just past Trinity Alps Resort; perhaps we should book some rooms either before or after the hike.

Take care,
Mike Diggles

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