This was one of the more well-attended BnB trips we've had in years. There were about 20 of us on it. The group consisted of Rick and Jeanine Robinson, Mike Diggles, Deanna Clayton-Diggles, Maurie Hamilton, Mali Nuno, Chris and Carol Rush, Roger, Katie, and Ken Willmarth and Katie's husband, Alan Green, Michael Altabet, Jeannie McGurk and her sister Mary Conway, Jay Stuart, Ralph and Rusty Holsinger, Marvin Goss and Dancine Disilverie.

I don't think we were ever able to get everybody together in one spot to take a full group shot, but here's one with a lot of us in it

Chris and Carol had another trip going on later that weekend but they were able to come join us for the hike to the lunch spot

Jeanine getting Deanna to do her hair

These trekking poles were on our Bridal Registry at REI

The Watchtower

The trail is on a side slope east of The Watchtower

Maurie and Mali at Heather Lake

Aster Lake

Sunset; and we weren't to camp yet

Ralph Holsinger. He's the guy who planned this trip last year

Sisters: Jeannie and Mary

Pear Lake

Doing that hair in French braids again

Rick and Deanna

The three kids

Deanna trekking again

Looking back from the top of The Watchtower

Little climber

Next year, we've decided to have a trip with less elevation. Also one with a lower roadhead. In fact; it's a beach hike. We'll do the Kings Range National Conservation Area, Lost Coast beach in southern Humboldt County from the mouth of the Mattole River down past Punta Gorda to perhaps Spanish Bottom and back. The GORP site has info. We'll have to check the tides; it is a lot easier to walk on wet sand on low tide. There are places where you have to go up on the hill to get around rocks at high tide also. Remember when you pitch your tent at the mouth of a canyon to put your door towards the ocean; the wind comes down at night and will fill up your tent like a balloon if you aim it the other way. I know; Wes Johnson and I found out the hard way 35 years ago.

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