We've been wanting to go the King Range again for a decade or so. We kept not doing it because it is a pretty long drive but it doesn't get any closer and we don't get any younger. The King Range is in southern Humboldt County and runs from about Point Delgada/Shelter Cove up to about the mouth of the Mattole River. It is out past Honeydew and Petrolia and the beach is the only bit of roadless coastline in California. There were nine of us on it. The group consisted of Rick Robinson, Mike Diggles, Deanna Clayton-Diggles, Maurie Hamilton, Maurie's friends Elcy & Yoneko, Chris and Carol Rush, and Marvin Goss. A few others would have come but there are too many outings to go on. Sandra was climbing Mt. Thompson that day; Ken and Cathy were renting a lookout tower that weekend. Jeannie tried to get up before dawn and come late but it was too far and she couldn't get going that soon after all. Terry married a Brit and is in England. Don and Kath, Wayne, Roger, Ken... they all chimed in and wanted to go but couldn't. So next year, we'll give 'em all another chance and head for the Marble Mountains. We don't know which part but we'll consult with Ken Denton; he's hiked every bit of them; most of it many times.

Here is the gang at the roadhead. Chris had a bad shoulder and had to stay and play in the dunes alone until we got back the next day.

This is the 'after' shot of the gear on the livingroom floor

See this photo album for pictures

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