Photo, wooden sign saying Kibbie Ridge Trail.

Cherry Canyon Hike
June 7-9, 2002

Here are some favorite shots from the Cherry Canyon hike

Friday evening

Photo, Mike and Stella.
Stella, Janet, and Mike met at the Livermore airport to ridepool (020607-01).

Photo, creek washing across pavement.
The road was flooded at the barrow campsite so we camped on this side (020607-04).

Saturday's hike in

Photo, packs leaning against a car.
Packing up at the roadhead (020607-07).

Photo, person sorting gear.
Janet (020607-08).

Photo, person swinging bolas.
Emily brought her bolas (020608-13).

Photo, person swinging bolas.
You go, girl! (020608-14).

Photo, person swinging bolas.
Stella tried it (020608-15).

Photo, closeup of red flower.
Snow plant Sarcodes sanguinea (020608-16).

Photo, two people sitting on a log.
Emily and Larry (020608-17).

Photo, people overlooking a canyon.
From Lookout Point we could see Cherry Canyon. This was our lunch spot (020608-18).

Photo, people in brush over their heads.
Bushwhacking (020608-20).

Photo, people hiking down steep rocks.
Steep route to camp (020608-23).

Sunday's hike out

Photo, four-inch track.
Critter track, or are these mounds dug by smaller critters? (020608-26).

Photo, several tracks.
Tracks with lens cap for scale (020608-27).

Photo, polished rock surface reflecting sunlight.
Glacial polish (020608-29).

Photo, people on rock ridge.
Hiking out (020609-30).

Photo, person smiling.
Carlos (020609-31).

Photo, person shouting.
Emily (020609-32).

Photo, person dancing.
Emily burning off excess energy (020609-33).

Photo, Carlos, canyon way below.
Carlos (020609-34).

Photo, 30-foot waterfall.
Waterfall (020609-35).

Photo, people sitting on a rock overlooking the creek.
Janet and Emily (020609-36).

Photo, person diving off a rock into the creek.
We cooled off this way (020609-37).

If you want prints, just contact Mike ( with the image number (that silly-looking set of characters in the captions).

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