Visiting Barby and Harold in Europe
March 19-April 7, 2002

Photo, eating around the dinner table

Here are some favorite shots from our visit to Barby and Harold's house in Augerans via London and Paris.

Starting in London

Photo, old man with a camera
Street photographer, Piccadilly Circus (image 020321-D-427_1).

We flew from San Francisco to London and spent the nest two days sleeping off the jet lag in our hotel before I finally got up and walked outside. This old man is a career street hustler. He came up to me pretending to click his camera so I would feel obligated to buy photos he shot. In fact, he didn't expose any film until I agreed to it for two pounds. Well, he shot three shots and wanted two pounds for each of them. I gave him a five-dollar bill which wasn't enough (actually it was) so I gave him a ten and tried to get the five back and had to tug it from his hands. He said he took four and I said he only took three so I got my five back and only got fleeced by about 200 percent. It was all quite fun and worth every penny (cent).

Once this business transaction was over, he and I could chat freely. He told me he was housed in the Regent Palace hotel during the blitz in WWII and that the hotel took a bomb. It was not clear that he was in the hotel when it was hit. He was a ten-year-old boy at the time. Our friend John Roscoe said he stayed there once also.

Photo, Mike
Mikie in Piccadilly Circus (image 020321-D-427_2).

He actually did mail me the three shots, one of which is pretty good.

Photo, old man and young couple
Street photographer with new "customers" (image 020321-D-429).

I took a couple photos of the old street hustler hustling another couple whilst I took street scenes.

Photo, hotel
Regent Palace (image 020321-D-433).

Photo, man cutting stones
Stone cutter (image 020321-D-437).

This granite was shipped from China. He gave me a piece to take home.

Photo, London Hippodrome
London Hippodrome (image 020321-D-438).

Photo, view through columns
View from the National Gallary (image 020321-D-442).

Photo, clock face
St. Stephens Tower which houses Big Ben (image 020321-D-446).

"Big Ben" is actually the name that applies just to the deepest-sounding bell - the one that tolls the hours.

Photo, clock tower
Looking up (image 020321-D-449).

Photo, barbs on fence
Pretty fancy-looking barbed wire around Parliament (image 020321-D-447).

Photo, Parliament
Parliament from across the river (image 020321-D-451).

Photo, Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey with statues of 20th-Century Christian martyrs (image 020321-D-456).

Note Martin Luther King Jr., fifth from the left

Photo, Fire trucks at night
Fire alarm (image 020322-D-461).

Our hotel had lots of students and nearly every night somebody would pull a false-alarm and we'd have a fire drill.

Photo, poster for TV show
So the TV show "The West Wing" is coming to Europe (image 020322-D-467).

Photo, three people at a bar
Thomas, Michael, and Mary Jane (image 020322-D-469).

Mary Jane and I met up with our Belgian friend Thomas who left the Earthquake Hazards Team at USGS to work on his Ph.D. in England

Photo, cluttered room
Our cluttered hotel room (image 020323-D-470).

Photo, Starbucks coffee shop
Starbucks in an improvement for coffee drinkers in England (image 020323-D-474).

On to Paris

Photo, Mary Jane in coffee shop
L'Ecritoire, our favorite coffee shop in Paris (no more Starbucks) (image 020325-D-477).

We took the Chunnel train from London to Paris' Gare du Nord and managed to survive the trains and get to our hotel in the Latin Quarter on the Left Bank. We had breakfast in this little place about three mornings in a row.

Photo, Mary Jane
Mary Jane stretching before our run (image 020325-D-478).

Photo, Mike
Mike stretching before our run (image 020325-D-479).

We put on our shorts and running shoes and pretended we were going to get a long workout by running all over Paris. We actually did put on some seven or so miles but very little of it was at a run. We went from the hotel to Place du Concord, down the Champs Eylsees, over to the Tour Eiffel, past the war college and home again.

Photo, obelisk
Luxor obelisk (image 020325-D-481).

Photo, pedistal
Base of the Luxor obelisk (image 020325-D-485).

Photo, poster
Festival du Film posters on the Champs Eylsees (image 020325-D-486).

Photo, poster
Festival du Film poster (image 020325-D-487).

Photo, poster
Festival du Film posters (image 020325-D-488).

Photo, names in stone
Battle names at the Arc de Triomphe (image 020325-D-48).

Photo, monument with flame
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (image 020325-D-491).

Photo, looking upwards
Arc de Triomphe (image 020325-D-492).

Photo, underside of Arc
Looking up (image 020325-D-499).

Photo, busy street
Champs Eylsees (image 020325-D-495).

Photo, busy street
Grande Armee (image 020325-D-496).

Photo, Hollywood poster
Monsters & Cie (image 020325-D-500).

Photo, Eiffel Tower
Tour Eiffel (image 020325-D-501).

Photo, underside of tower
Looking up (image 020325-D-509).

Photo, looking upwards
The netting is part of a work project on the tower (image 020325-D-513).

Photo, Mary Jane
Beginning of the Champ du Mars (image 020325-D-516).

Photo, queue of people
Musee d'Orsay line (image 020326-D-529). We went to Musee d'Orsay the next day and the queue went on forever. We gave up, had something to eat. When we got finished, the line had thinned out a lot so we went on in.

Photo, man with trumpet
One-man band playing for the queue (image 020326-D-531).

Photo, cut-away model
Model of the Opera house (image 020326-D-533).

Photo, people walking on glass cover above street model
You can walk on the glass ceiling of this model of the Opera and surrounding buildings (image 020326-D-535).

Photo, close-up of model showing seating
Model, detail (image 020326-D-539).

Photo, slabs bulging from sidewalk
This sidewalk sculpture would look good outside the Earthquake Hazards building at USGS (image 020326-D-548).

Photo, looking down at the street
View from our window (image 020326-D-553).

Photo, front of hotel
Our hotel (image 020327-D-557).

Photo, Hotel sign
Hotel des 3 Colleges (image 020327-D-559).

Photo, entrance
Collection de Mineraux, the minerals museum (image 020327-D-561).

Photo, poster
We had to visit the geology exhibit (image 020327-D-562).

Photo, stone carved with illustration showing where the old prison once stood
Plan de la Bastille (image 020327-D-567).

This plaque shows the relative position of the present-day buildings (difficult to see in this photo) and the plan of the old prison. The Colonne de Juillet stands there now.

Photo, stained-glass window
Notre-Dame (image 020327-D-575).

Photo, cathedral from cafe window
We hit a tourist cafe across the bridge from Notre-Dame but it was still just fine (image 020327-D-576).

South to Dole and Augerans

After our fiasco getting across town with our gear on the train, we indulged in the luxury of a taxi to get to Gare Leon to catch the TGV fast train south to Dole. Harold picked us up at the depot and we began the pastoral part of our visit

Photo, river in town
Dole (image 020328-D-578).

Photo, looking down into leper chamber
This is where you were kept if you were a leper (image 020328-D-579).

Photo, Mary Jane and Harold
Harold and Mary Jane at the street market (image 020328-D-581).

Photo, cathedral
Dole cathedral (image 020328-D-589).

Photo, beers on the bar
Time for a beer (image 020328-D-590).

Photo, cartoon
Cartoon of the bartender (image 020328-D-591).

Photo, table by river
Lunch on the river (image 020328-D-592).

Photo, close up
Barby, Harold, and Mary Jane (image 020328-D-593).

Photo, looking across river
Looking back at our lunch spot (image 020328-D-594).

Photo, walking along the canal
Harold, Mikie, and Barby (image 020328-D-595).

Photo, tow path
Mary Jane, Barby, and Harold (image 020328-D-599).

Photo, Mike with a cat on his sholders
Mike and Twinkle Star (image 020329-D-603).

Photo, Mary Jane and Mikie
Mary Jane and Mikie at our lunch spot on the river bar (image 020329-D-604).

Harold took Mary Jane and me into Dole and let us off for the day. We walked downstream, followed the river when the canal split off, and ended up wandering through pastures and bushes to this lunch spot. We crawled under a barbed-wire fence, slogged through mud to get around a slough, found a dirt road that turned to a paved road that got to a town and phoned Harold and Barby for a ride home. We got about half way from Dole to Augerans; we are pretty proud of ourselves. We also figured out how to buy a phone card and use it.

Photo, Mike
Spring water (image 020329-D-605).

Photo, old man
We met this old fellow at the spring (image 020329-D-606).

Photo, Mary Jane
This is a nice forest preserve in the largest deciduous forest in Europe (image 020329-D-607).

Photo, Barby
Picking flowers (image 020329-D-608).

Photo, Barby and Harold
On the way to a tour of Cave Planches (image 020330-D-615).

Photo, tub-sized hole in cave floor
Scour basin in the cave from intense Pleistocene melt runoff (image 020330-D-624).

Photo, river in town
I think this is an old mill race to the left of the waterfall but the water wheel is gone now (image 020330-D-627).

Photo, river
River in Arbois (image 020330-D-628).

Photo, 50-foot rocker arm
Salt mine. The water wheel runs the rocker arm overhead that runs brine pumps (image 020330-D-633).

Photo, vintner pouring wine
Jean-Francois Nevers (image 020330-D-646).

We bought about two cases of wine from these folks. They are the best. I have several bottles of Jurassian chardonnay at home now, along with a bottle of ten-year-old vin jaune that I'll open in mid October. It will still be good through New Years.

Photo, sign on winery
Vins d'Arbois Nevers (image 020330-D-647).

Photo, poem painted on wall
Poem (image 020330-D-650).

The site where man with art doth drink
It's the mirthful county of Arbois
Which one should write "until we drink again."

Photo, cat sleeping on its back
Twinkle Star (image 020330-D-651).

Also known as Mustard Brain and Flubber Guts; a great cat

Photo, Harold, Barby, Mary Jane
Yet another picnic on the banks of yet another river (image 0204N-06).

Photo, Mike and Mary Jane
Mikie and MJ in front of yet another waterfall (image 0204N-07).

Photo, Harold and Barby
Harold and Barby looking quite cute (image 0204N-12).

Photo, people and dog
We borrowed this yellow Labrador retriever for this shot of Mary Jane, Mikie, Barby, and Harold (image 0204N-15).

Photo, pregnant cat
Little Mother (image 020330-D-654).

We kept expecting Little Mother to have her kittens any day. She seems to be having kittens every time you turn around, either that or bringing in mice. She is a kitten maker; she turns mice into kittens.

Photo, fire pit
Old pit that served as a barbeque (image 020330-D-655).

Harold wanted to have a barbeque when Peggy and Bobby arrived from Scotland. The old fire pit just didn't seem good enough

Photo, Harold
Fitting bricks (image 020330-D-656).

Photo, Harold
Laying the foundation (image 020330-D-657).

Photo, Harold
Mixing the sand and cement to make concrete (image 020330-D-658).

Photo, Mike and Harold
Mike's job was to scrub the moss off the used bricks (image 020330-D-659).

Photo, Harold
Laying first four courses (image 020330-D-660).

Photo, Harold
We had to wait for the first four or five courses to set before adding the weight of more (image 020330-D-661).

Photo, Harold and Mike
Finishing touches (image 020330-D-665).

Photo, Mike and Harold
House in the background (image 020330-D-666).

Photo, eating around the dinner table
Peggy, Bobby, Harold, Barby, and Mary Jane (image 020401-D-671).

Here we are doing what we did a lot: sitting around the table eating cheese and drinking wine while we told innumerable stories.

Photo, van
Circus van with loudspeakers (image 020403-D-682).

Mary Jane and I walked about half way from our little cottage on the river and this loudspeaker van rolled through town. He switched from French to English when he saw me act like a tourist and take his picture. Barby said he likely thought we were either German or Dutch; nobody else tours this area this time of year. She said we certainly wouldn't be from the U.S. And English is a likely language for any tourist to know so the van driver used it.

Photo, cheese shop
Cooperative Fomagere (image 020403-D-688).

Photo, slicing cheese
Our favorite cheese shop (image 020403-D-690).

Photo, close-up
We got several kinds of cheese (image 020403-D-691).

Photo, Peggy
We melted this block of rachlette ("to scrape") on one surface, scraped it off, and spread it on potatoes - yum! (image 020403-D-692).

Photo, town
Village under the cliffs (image 0204N-28).

These cliffs are Jurassic limestone formed in a shallow marine environment similar to the Bahama Banks of today. The Jura is the type locality of the Jurassic time period. Mary Jane and I took some rock some samples home (we are geologists, after all). Barby and Anna also collected some ammonites some years back that had weathered out of the bedrock and were washed out in a stream. The ammonites went extinct as a result of the same meteor impact that killed the dinosaurs 63 million years ago. The Jurassic ammonites have septa that are far less crenulated than the Cretaceous ones. They look more like today's Nautiloids (which survived the impact). It is thought that the development of those crenulations made ammonites able to fit a particular niche well but unable to survive changes in their environment. Perhaps if the meteor had hit 100 million years sooner, we'd have ammonites today.

Photo, Mike
Peeking over a fence (image 0204N-32).

Photo, people on a walk
Barby, Bobby, Harold, Mary Jane, and Peggy (image 0204N-35).

Photo, stream
water pouring over the travertine it forms (image 0204P-03).

Photo, bridge
Peggy and Barby on the stream (image 0204P-05).

Photo, Mary Jane
Mary Jane going to check out the patisserie (image 0204P-08).

Photo, man driving his horse cart in town
Traffic backed up behind this old fellow a bit but life is good (image 0204P-09).

Photo, cathedral and boats
Dole, where you can rent one of these boats for a canal-trip vacation (image 0204P-24).

Photo, sunset in trees
View from Barby and Harold's back yard (image 0204P-14).

Photo, Barby and Harold
The classic shot at the cottage door (image 0204P-17).

Back to London and thence home to California

Photo, front door
New Atlantic Hotel (image 020407-D-707).

Photo, overview
Our window was in the middle on the left (image 020407-D-708).

Photo, bulletin board
Sign in the Underground (image 020407-D-721).

We are sad that the Queen Mum passed away between when we left London and when we returned three weeks later. The queue was so long, the Underground would tell you which Tube stop should be used to get to the end of the line.

Photo, department store with lift holding worker
Harrod's getting a face lift (image 020407-D-718).

Photo, Laundromat
Chilworth Launderette (image 020407-D-710).

Ah, fresh laundry for sitting in an airplane for hours on end.

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