Snapshots of the U.S. Geological Survey Geologic Division Luau

Menlo Park, California

August 28, 1998

Photos from Cynthia Ramseyer Ana Barrales-Santillo, Lu Johnson, Venilda Castro, Rick Bishop and Tina Casias took decorating chores seriously and turned the Building 8 basement lunchroom into Luau Central. About 15 foreign visitors were given Volunteer certificates and USGS gifts. The Polynesian dancers were lovely. The food disappeared faster than a computer's memory banks. More than a few people took the newly relaxed DOI Dress Code to heart and appeared in Hawaiian print shirts and skirts. Several people felt that festive gatherings should be a more regular occurrence around here ... in fact, an anonymous donor is willing to sponsor a Happy Fiscal New Year's Eve Party on or about September 30. Stay tuned.

Chief Geologist Pat Leahy demonstrates the new, relaxed DOI dress code while visiting Menlo Park

Patrick Muffler celebrates the fact that he is no longer the "Acting" Regional Geologist. Feels good to finally be a Real Regional Geologist

Robert Tilling (VHZ) and Don Gautier (WGM) ignore WGM's new secretary, Jennifer Martin

David Scholl, Anne L. Gartner, and Coastal & Marine crowd

Bonnie Murchey and her Russian guests, Sergey Kostyuchenko, Valentina Vishnaskya, and their daughters (foreground)

Fun and food on the Building 8 patio

R. to L., USGS Visiting Scientists: Heidrun Lelgemann (Germany), Tanni Abramovitz (Denmark), Jane Laursen (Denmark)

Who are these guys?

Flower Power that makes OWRG (and any parties) go - Ana Barrales-Santillo

There was even exotic entertainment!

For professionals only. Do not try this at home

Harry Cook and Terry Ramseyer

The party animals (who did all the work): Rick Bishop, Venilda Castro, Ana Barrales-Santillo, Tina Casias, and Lu Johnson

Even the dancers get a break for food. Lupe and Lani

David Hill, Patrick Muffler, Selcuk Toprak, Tom Holzer -or- Long Valley, Geothermal, Engineering, and Land Subsidence Tzars

Karen Morgenstern (OWRG) and Nancy Blair (Library)

So many people, so few seats


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