Palisades High, Class of '75, 20th reunion

August, 1995

image 9508B-14
(image 9508B-14)

image 9508B-15
Martha and Ken (image 9508B-15)

image 9508B-16
Roberta (image 9508B-16)

image 9508B-17
Martha, Polly, and Jane (looking at the photo in 9508B-20 below) (image 9508B-17)

image 9508B-18
Jane (image 9508B-18)

image 9508B-19
Martha (image 9508B-19)

image 9508B-20
Martha and Jane when they were about 10 (image 9508B-20)

image 9508B-25
Roberta (image 9508B-25)

image 9508B-26
Norm (image 9508B-26)

image 9508B-27
Roberta being dragged away from Mara (image 9508B-27)

image 9508B-28
Jerry and ___ (image 9508B-28)

image 9508B-29
Gary (image 9508B-29)

image 9508B-30
Terry, Susi and her daughter, and Susan (image 9508B-30)

image 9508B-31
Susi, her daughter and Susan (image 9508B-31)

image 9508B-32
Mara (image 9508B-32)

image 9508B-33
(image 9508B-33)

image 9508B-34
Linda (image 9508B-34)

image 9508C-15
(image 9508C-15)

image 9508C-16
(image 9508C-16)

image 9508C-17
Martha and Suzi (image 9508C-17)

image 9508C-18
Susan and her son (image 9508C-18)

image 9508C-19
Barry (image 9508C-19)

image 9508C-20
Ken (image 9508C-20)

image 9508C-21
(image 9508C-21)

image 9508C-24
(image 9508C-24)

image 9508C-25
(image 9508C-25)

image 9508C-26
Rhonda (image 9508C-26)

image 9508C-27
Karen (image 9508C-27)

image 9508C-28
(image 9508C-28)

image 9508C-29
(image 9508C-29)

image 9508C-30
(image 9508C-30)

image 9508C-31
(image 9508C-31)

image 9508C-32
Susi, Linda, and Martha (image 9508C-32)

image 9508C-33
Linda, Martha, and Michael (image 9508C-33)

image 9508C-34
Susi, Barry, and their daughter (image 9508C-34)

Date created: 9/12/1995
Last modified: 05/04/2002
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