White-Inyo Range Field Trip Photo Album

June 1 through 3, 2002 - Gary Ernst and Mike Diggles lead a three-day field trip to eastern California

This is a photo essay of the field trip with pictures by Mike Diggles, Chuck Yoneda, Cheryl Smith, Bill Milestone, and Tsing Bardin. Photos not otherwise attributed are by Mike Diggles. These photos have "catalog numbers" in the captions for ordering copies. Each of Mike's photos is available as 4"x6" glossy prints ($0.50 each) and as large (~1-MB) print-quality digital images (no charge) via FTP or email-attachment; I can't keep the big puppies online. These files are 1200 x 1600 pixels (nearly 2 megapixels) and are compressed at JPG-11 (low compression, high quality, large size). Contact Mike Diggles at or phone 650-329-5404. Chuck's shots are available from him as higher-resolution versions. Contact Chuck Yoneda at yoneda@SLAC.Stanford.EDU for those. I have higher-resolution versions of Tsing's shots I can provide. I didn't make high-res scans of Bill's shots but I will if you want them. If you want all 117 images plus this Web page off-line, I'll burn you a CD-ROM and mail it to you.

Quick jumps to field-trip days

  • Saturday
  • Handlens-users shots
  • Sunday
  • Monday

    Saturday, June 1

    photo 020601-1084
    Stanford Geology-department van (image 020601-1084).

    photo 020601-1086
    Ben jogging (image 020601-1086).

    photo 020601-1093
    Abby in her field "boots" (image 020601-1093).

    photo 020601-1095
    Donnell lunch (image 020601-1095).

    photo 020601-1103
    Ben being belayed (image 020601-1103).

    photo 020601-1105
    Ben being belayed (image 020601-1105).

    photo 020601-1106
    Ben in his field "boots" (image 020601-1106).

    photo Glaciervalleyeasternsierra
    Glacial valley north of Conway Summit; perhaps Lundy Canyon? (photo by Tsing Bardin) (image Glaciervalleyeasternsierra).

    photo 020601-1107
    Gary and Casey (image 020601-1107).

    photo MoraineConwaysummit
    Moraine behind us as we looked at Mono Basin from below Conway Summit (photo by Tsing Bardin) (image MoraineConwaysummit).

    photo 020601-1109
    Mono basin from near Conway Summit (image 020601-1109).

    photo 020601-1110
    Mono basin from near Conway Summit (image 020601-1110).

    photo 020601-1111
    Mono basin from near Conway Summit (image 020601-1111).

    photo 003a
    Mono basin from near Conway Summit (photo by Chuck Yoneda) (image 003a).

    photo 020601-1114
    Hannah and Bob (image 020601-1114).

    photo 020601-1115
    Hannah pumping pumice (image 020601-1115).

    photo 020601-1117
    Mike pumping pumice (photograph by Cheryl Smith) (image 020601-1117).

    photo 020601-1118
    Gary and Bob (image 020601-1118).

    photo 020601-1119
    Reid (image 020601-1119).

    photo 006
    Lecture at Panum Crater (photo by Chuck Yoneda) (image 006).

    photo 020601-1124
    Inspecting the outcrop up close (image 020601-1124).

    photo 020601-1125
    Brownies in the field (image 020601-1125).

    photo 020601-1128
    Panum trail (image 020601-1128).

    photo 039
    WMRS sign on East Line Street outside of Bishop (photo by Chuck Yoneda) (image 039).

    photo 020601-1129
    Gary Ernst and Mike Diggles visited Clem Nelson at his house in Bishop (image 020601-1129).

    Here is a set of shots of handlens users

    photo 020601-1120
    (image 020601-1120).

    photo 020601-1122
    (image 020601-1122).

    photo 020601-1126
    (image 020601-1126).

    photo 020602-1142
    (image 020602-1142).

    photo 020603-1194
    (image 020603-1194).

    photo 020603-1208
    (image 020603-1208).

    Sunday, June 2

    photo 020602-1131
    Sunrise at the East Line Street (image 020602-1131).

    photo 040
    Sunrise at the East Line Street (photo by Chuck Yoneda) (image 040).

    photo blackmtnWMRS
    Looking northeast towards Black Mountain from Owens Valley Lab (photo by Tsing Bardin) (image blackmtnWMRS).

    photo 020602-1133
    Dave Scholl at WMRS emailing Mary Jane Coombs at sea about ocean-drilling graphics (image 020602-1133).

    photo Cindercone_nrBigPine
    Cinder cone near Big Pine (photo by Tsing Bardin) (image Cindercone_nrBigPine).

    photo Waucobaembayment
    Waucoba Embayment (photo by Tsing Bardin) (image Waucobaembayment).

    photo Waucobalakebeds
    Waucoba Embayment lake deposits (photo by Tsing Bardin) (image Waucobalakebeds).

    photo 020602-1135
    Waucoba Embayment lake deposits (image 020602-1135).

    photo 020602-1136
    Students (image 020602-1136).

    photo 020602-1137
    Hines-Tongue lecture (image 020602-1137).

    photo 009
    Hines-Tongue lecture (photo by Chuck Yoneda) (image 009).

    photo 020602-1139
    Mandy Booth (image 020602-1139).

    photo 020602-1141
    Hannah and Mandy (image 020602-1141).

    photo 020602-1143
    The other side of the creek is just a stone's throw away (cropped from image 020602-1143).

    photo 020602-1144
    Fault (image 020602-1144).

    photo 020602-1145
    Hines Tongue member of the Reed Formation (image 020602-1145).

    photo 020602-1146
    Diane (image 020602-1146).

    photo 020602-1149
    Fold in the Hines (image 020602-1149).

    photo 020602-1150
    Fold in the Hines (image 020602-1150).

    photo DevilsGate
    Devils Gate (photo by Tsing Bardin) (image DevilsGate).

    photo 020602-1151
    (image 020602-1151).

    photo 020602-1152
    (image 020602-1152).

    photo 020602-1153
    Terry (image 020602-1153).

    photo 020602-1154
    Sierra View (image 020602-1154).

    photo 020602-1155
    Sierra View (image 020602-1155).

    photo SierraOverlook
    Sierra Overlook (photo by Tsing Bardin) (image SierraOverlook).

    photo 020602-1156
    Sierra View (image 020602-1156).

    photo PoletafoldsDeepSpringVly
    Folds in the Poleta (Looks like argillite; Wyman?) (photo by Tsing Bardin) (image PoletafoldsDeepSpringVly).

    photo 020602-1157
    Mike's field vehicle is named Akiho, after Akiho Miyashiro who wrote Metamorphism and Metamorphic Belts (image 020602-1157).

    photo 020602-1158
    Abby (image 020602-1158).

    photo 020602-1162
    Cheryl and Sandy (image 020602-1162).

    photo 020602-1163
    Terry (image 020602-1163).

    photo 020602-1164
    Terry's fold (image 020602-1164).

    photo 020602_Bill-1
    Bill (image 020602_Bill-1).

    photo 020602_Bill-3
    Below Barcroft gate (Photo by Bill Milestone) (image 020602_Bill-3).

    photo 020602_Bill-4
    Below Barcroft gate (Photo by Bill Milestone) (image 020602_Bill-4).

    photo 017
    Lecture at Barcroft Station (photo by Chuck Yoneda) (image 017).

    photo 020602-1165
    Barcroft station (image 020602-1165).

    photo 020602-1166
    Barcroft Station (image 020602-1166).

    photo 020602-1167
    NASA van (image 020602-1167).

    photo 020602-1168
    Bighorn-Sheep ewes (image 020602-1168).

    photo 020602-1169
    Barcroft-Station's great galley (image 020602-1169).

    photo 020602-1170
    From Barcroft Station (image 020602-1170).

    photo 020602-1171
    From Barcroft Station (image 020602-1171).

    photo 020602-1172
    Kathy (image 020602-1172).

    photo whitemtnBarcroftpluton
    The third-highest summit in California is this black-and-brown peak. Hence the name White Mountain (photo by Tsing Bardin) (image whitemtnBarcroftpluton).

    photo 020602-1175
    Worm hunt (image 020602-1175).

    photo 020602-1176
    Worm tracks in the Montenegro Member of the Campito Formation (image 020602-1176).

    photo 020602-1177
    Worm tracks. These guys lived about 550 million years ago (image 020602-1177).

    photo 036
    Worm tracks (photo by Chuck Yoneda) (image 036).

    photo 020602-1178
    Worm tracks (image 020602-1178).

    photo 031
    Lecture at the Bristlecones (photo by Chuck Yoneda) (image 031).

    photo 020602-1179
    Bristlecone closeup (image 020602-1179).

    photo 020602-1182
    Bristlecone pines (image 020602-1182).

    photo 020602-1183
    Fallen Bristlecone (image 020602-1183).

    photo 020602-1184
    Bristlecone (image 020602-1184).

    photo 020602-1185
    Bristle cone (image 020602-1185).

    photo 020602-1186
    Bristle cone (image 020602-1186).

    photo 020602_Bill-2
    Going down Silver Canyon (Photo by Bill Milestone) (image 020602_Bill-2).

    photo 020602-1187
    Bighorn Sheep (cropped from image 020602-1187).

    Monday, June 3

    photo 020603-1188
    John (image 020603-1188).

    photo 020603-1190
    Students (image 020603-1190).

    photo 020603-1191
    Bill (image 020603-1191).

    photo 020603-1192
    I don't think we're in Alaska any more, Todo (image 020603-1192).

    photo 020603-1193
    Cheryl (image 020603-1193).

    photo 020603-1196
    Wheeler Crest (image 020603-1196).

    photo 020603-1197
    Tuff sample (image 020603-1197).

    photo 020603-1198
    (image 020603-1198).

    photo 020603-1199
    Chuck (image 020603-1199).

    photo 307
    Lecture at the Bishop Tuff (photo by Chuck Yoneda) (image 307).

    photo 020603-1200
    (image 020603-1200).

    Our long line of field vehicles (QuickTime VR)

    photo 020603-1205
    Pumice cut: Sherwin Till overlain by Bishop Tuff (image 020603-1205).

    photo 020603-1206
    Pumice cut (image 020603-1206).

    photo 020603-1209
    Aplite dikes at sharp angles near Tenaya Lake in Yosemite National Park - Cathedral Peak Granodiorite (image 020603-1209).

    photo 020603-1210
    Aplite dikes (image 020603-1210).

    photo 020603-1211
    Aplite dikes (image 020603-1211).

    photo 020603-1212
    Aplite dikes, Tsing (image 020603-1212).

    photo 020603-1213
    Aplite dikes, Cheryl solving the space problem (image 020603-1213).

    photo 020603-1214
    Aplite dikes (image 020603-1214).

    photo 020603-1215
    USC&GS bench mark at the dikes (image 020603-1215; thanks to George Leigh for getting the name of the mark maker correct for me; he works for NOAA's National Geodetic Survey, the new name).

    photo 020603-1216
    Olmstead Point (image 020603-1216).

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