REPORT #7 on the Chi-Chi (Taiwan) Earthquake

A Preliminary Report on the 1999 Chi-Chi (Taiwan) Earthquake

January/February 2000 issue of Seismological Research Letters of the Seismological Society of America

CWB, Taipei
Data from CWB, Taipei

By T. C. Shin1, K. W. Kuo1, W. H. K. Lee2, T. L. Teng3, and Y. B. Tsai4

1Central Weather Bureau, 64 Kung Yuan Road, Taipei, Taiwan
2U. S. Geological Survey, MS 977, 345 Middlefield Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025,USA
3Dept. of Earth Sciences, Univ. of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 90089, USA
4Dept. of Geophysics, National Central University, Chungli, Taiwan

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A major earthquake (M W =7.6) occurred near the town of Chi-Chi in Nantou county, central Taiwan, on 1:47 a.m., September 21, 1999, local time (UTC is 17:47, September 20, 1999), about 150 km south of Taipei. As of October 13, 1999, the Taiwan's Interior Department record shows that the death toll is 2,333 and 10,002 people were injured. Thousands of houses collapsed making more than 100,000 people homeless. This disastrous earthquake provided a wealth of modern digital data for seismology and earthquake engineering because an extensive six-year, seismic instrumentation program for Taiwan was successfully implemented three years ago by the Central Weather Bureau (CWB). This program was guided by the CWB Advisory Committee and benefited from co-operative projects with the U.S. Geological Survey and with the Southern California Earthquake Center.

figure 8

Figure 8 downsampled from the PDF, East-west component of some samples of near-source strong-motion acceleration records. The number above the waveform trace is the peak acceleration value (PGA) in cm/sec/sec. Surface ruptures extending about 80 km north-south are shown to the left of the main shock.

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A Preliminary Report on the 1999 Chi-Chi (Taiwan) Earthquake

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