1999 Yosemite Institute Field Trip

This site consists of 115 photographs in both a Web (HTML) format and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

Images in HTML Format

An "album" is provided here as an HTML file. It consists of 115 "thumbnails" each of which can be clicked to view a 5-inch screen-resolution JPG image. Close the image window to get back to the album thumbnails. Each image has a resolution of only 72 dots per inch (dpi) which looks fine on the screen but will not print well; use the PDF file (below) if you want to print. The file sizes, however, are only about 30-50 KB which is nice and small. The color "palate" contains 16.7 million colors which is plenty of colors.

CLICK HERE to view the photo album as HTML.

Images in PDF Format

To view PDF publications on this Web server, you will need Adobe Reader.

An "album" is provided here as a PDF file. It consists of the same 115 photographs each of which will fill your screen when the file is opened.

It is also fun to set this PDF album up as a "slideshow." To do this, you need to download the file onto your hard disk and run it offline. To download, go to the link below and click and hold (Mac) or right-click (PC). I recommend this version. After you download and open the file in Acrobat, change the View to Full Screen. To change "slides," you can either advance on any click or, (my favorite) change your Preferences for Full Screen to advance automatically every two or so seconds. Hit "ESC" to exit the slideshow and view/print the individual images. The "album" can be viewed online and you can flip through it by scrolling down through the pages. Tech note: The file was "distilled" with the settings at 216 dpi (three times screen-resolution for 3x zoom) and the compression was set for JPG minimum size.

View the album online (10.8 MB)

All photographs copyright © 1999 by Michael Diggles. You are welcome to use this site and its contents for your personal, non-commercial use. This amounts to viewing the site, downloading, and printing of individual images, pages, or sections for personal use.

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Date created: November 18, 1999
Last modified: November 15, 2011