Yosemite Institute Field Trips

group photo from 2000

Each year in early November and later the Spring, this sixth-grade class went to Yosemite National Park. These trips were conducted through the NatureBridge (which used to be called the Yosemite Institute). Typically, we stayed at Camp Curry in Yosemite Valley from about Monday through Friday. In the earlier years, we moved to Camp Wawona for Thursday and Friday. In 2008 after a rockfall, we didn't use Camp Curry and split the lodging between Camp Wawona and Cedar Lodge. In 2009 through 2015 we were back at Curry in the Boys Town cabins or tent cabins.

This site contains a photo essay from each year starting in 1999. In 2016, Kathy, the driving force behind these trips, retired from the school so 2015 was our final year. Early years contain a Web version (html) and an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version of the photographs. Later years use a Lightroom Web template which is quite nice.

--Most early photographs by Michael Diggles. Later photos were collected from many people

Group shot 2015 field trip

Group shot 2014 field trip

Sam, Mike, and Madison June 2012 Festival of Nations

group shot 2011 field trip

group shot 2010 field trip

photo of teacher and student May 2010 Festival of Nations and States event

group shot 2009 field trip

photo of student in Egyptian garb May 2009 Festival of Nations and States event

group shot 2008 field trip

group shot 2007 field trip

kid and teacher May 2007 Festival of Nations and States event

group shot 2006 field trip

two students in native garb May 2006 Festival of Nations event

group shot 2005 field trip

group shot 2004 field trip

two kids and a teacher May 2004 Festival of Nations event

group shot 2003 field trip

group shot group shot group shot group shot group shot 2002 field trip

student display May 2002 Festival of Nations event

group shot 2001 field trip

group shot 2000 field trip

group shot 1999 field trip

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Ordering Reprints

Reprints are available for any of these photographs; prints are fifty cents each. Use the catalog numbers to order. Catalog numbers are listed in the captions of the Web (HTML) "album," the "scrapbook," and the first part of the filenames in the small and large images. Catalog numbers look like this: 0011R-30 (year, month, roll letter, and frame number) or 001_111102_6877_YI (sequence, year, month, day, and frame number). Contact Michael Diggles using the information below to place your request.

Most of the pre-2005 and later photographs were taken with a Nikon F4 with a 35-135/f3.5-4.5 AF Nikkor zoom lens and Kodak Supra 400 professional photojournalism color-negative film. Starting in 2002, I shot a few photos (mostly when it was raining) with a Canon Elph S-300 digital camera that takes 2.1-megapixel images. In 2003, I used Ektachrome 200 slide film pushed to 400 for in the Nikon F4. In 2004, I used Ektachrome 100 and a tripod plus I shot a lot with the Elph and a lot of other adults contributed photos for this collection. Starting in 2005, I shot all digital with a Nikon D-100 and a 28-200 Nikkor zoom with a handful using an 11 and a 500. Starting in 2010, I shot some with an iPhone; many shots were taken by students and other adults.

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