2004 Yosemite Institute Field Trip

November 8-11, 2004

Group photo
Group photo - about 60 kids and a dozen adults. (image #041111B-05)

On November 8-11, 2004, it was time yet again to take our group of sixth-graders to Yosemite National Park. As in the last several years, this trip was conducted through the Yosemite Institute. We stayed at Camp Curry in Yosemite Valley.

This Web site contains an "album" that consists of about 200 photographs. Most photographs by Michael Diggles, USGS and with lots more by Jason, Mike La T., Tiana, Mike H., and Ray. Most of the non-rainy-weather photographs were taken with a Nikon F4 with a 35-135/f3.5-4.5 AF Nikkor zoom lens and Kodak Ektachrome 100 professional color-slide film. A few extreme telephoto shots were taken through a 500-mm Tokina mirror-optics lens and a few extreme wide-angle shots were taken through a 20-mm Nikkor. Tiana used a Nikon N-60 and a 28-200 zoom lens loaded with print film. Most of the shots, particularly those during rainy weather, were shot with a Canon Elph S-300 digital camera that produces 2-megapixel images. The other dads used digital cameras also.

All photographs copyright © 2004 by their photographer. You are welcome to use this site and its contents for your personal, non-commercial use. This amounts to viewing the site, downloading, and printing of individual images, pages, or sections for personal use. If you want high-resolution versions of any of the photographs, email Mike Diggles with the image number shown at the end of the photo caption. Each file is about a megabyte. We plan to produce a CD-ROM with all of the print-quality images and an Adobe Acrobat PDF "slideshow." We'll give each student one and sell them to everybody else as a fundraiser for the 2005 trip.

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