2001 Yosemite Institute Field Trip

Group photo

On November 4-9, 2001, yet another group of sixth-graders went to Yosemite National Park. Again, this trip was conducted through the Yosemite Institute. We stayed at Camp Curry in Yosemite Valley from Sunday through Thursday, then moved to Camp Wawona for Thursday and Friday.

This Web site contains an "album" that consists of 181 photographs in both a Web (HTML) format and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. There is also a "scrapbook" of the photos and the individual images are available one-at-a-time.

--Most photographs by Michael Diggles, USGS.

Images in Web (HTML) Format

An "album" is provided here as an HTML file. It consists of the 181 photographs with captions. Each image is just 4"x6" and will take only a slightly long time to load. The file sizes, are about 30-50 KB which is nice and small. If you click on any 4"x6" image, it will bring up a larger version (14" wide or 10" high). Use your browser's "Back" button to return to the album. The color "palate" contains 16.7 million colors which is plenty of colors.

View the Web album (3.9 MB)

Images in Acrobat (PDF) Format

To view PDF publications on this Web server, you will need Adobe Reader.

The "album" is provided here as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file (album.pdf). It is the same collection of photographs but each image is 1024 pixels wide or 768 pixels high so they will fill most large screens.

Tip: You can download the PDF album to your hard disk and set it up as a slideshow. To bring up the download menu, right-click (PC) or click-and-hold (Mac) on the link below. Download the file "album.pdf" and save it in a place where you can find it again. To set it up as a slideshow, open Acrobat Reader, select File (or Edit), Preferences, Full Screen... and check Advance Every 3 Seconds. Then open the album and select View, Full Screen. To exit the slideshow, hit the "Esc" button.

View the Acrobat album (11.8 MB)


A "scrapbook" is provided here as PDF file. It consists of the 181 photographs with catalog numbers. It contains 10 pages with 20 shots to the page. You can print it on standard letter paper and it will look pretty good. You can also download it to your hard disk using the same method described above.

View the scrapbook (375 KB)

Individual images

Both the small images in the html album and the larger images in the PDF album are available individually using the links below.

View the collection of small-screen images
View the collection of large-screen images

Ordering Reprints

Reprints are available for any of these 181 photographs; they cost fifty cents each. Use the catalog numbers to order. Catalog numbers are listed in the captions of the Web (HTML) "album," the "scrapbook," and the filenames in the small and large images. Catalog numbers look like this: 0111N-30 (year, month, roll letter, and frame number). Contact Michael Diggles using the information below to place your request.
These photographs were taken with a Nikon F4 with a 35-135/f3.5-4.5 AF Nikkor zoom lens and Kodak Supra 400 professional photojournalism color-negative film.

All photographs copyright © 2001 by Michael Diggles. You are welcome to use this site and its contents for your personal, non-commercial use. This amounts to viewing the site, downloading, and printing of individual images, pages, or sections for personal use.

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